Edouard and Fabrice

Le Labo des Fragances

Edouard and Fabrice concoct exclusive scents in their laboratory, which are then personalized in their stores worldwide. 

“Our neighborhood really inspires us. We’re fighting to preserve its identity, by supporting the local garden, for example,” explains Fabrice. “That’s why we appreciate what Le Pigalle is doing. We can really relate to the creative team’s spirit of independence.” 

Shower gel, soap, lotion: Le Labo sets the tone for the amenities in Le Pigalle’s bedrooms. “We love the idea that Le Pigalle has chosen Le Labo. I’m delighted it’s bringing back some of the neighborhood’s old fun, provocation and creativity. Thirty years ago, those were really Parisian ideas. It’s great to see that there’s still a place for all that!” continues Fabrice, unable to stifle a grin.

Le labo